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Watson Referral Realty, Inc.

Watson Referral Realty, Inc. offers you a unique opportunity to earn income in the real estate field by referring customers, through your broker, to licensed Realtors®. It’s that simple.

Whether you’re newly licensed and want to get your feet wet or the sun’s setting on your career and you need a place to hang your license, there’s income to be had as a referral associate. Signing up is easy, and the benefits are incredible.

Who can be a referral associate?

  • Someone working full-time in another career who wants to earn referral fees

  • Someone retired from real estate

  • Newly licensed individuals who aren’t ready to jump into sales yet

  • Someone who relocated to a new state but wants to maintain their Florida real estate license

  • Deployed military personnel

  • Stay-at-home parents


What are the benefits?

  • No Board Dues

  • No MLS Fees

  • No Supra e-Key Fees

  • No E & O Fees

  • No Tech Fees


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