What is a referral associate?

A referral associate is someone who holds an active real estate license but earns income by referring a person to a real estate associate as a lead rather than engage in active sales.

Who can be a referral associate?

Anyone with an active real estate license who doesn’t engage in active sales. Specific examples include:

  • Newly licensed individuals who aren’t ready to jump into sales yet

  • Someone working full-time in another career who wants to earn referral fees

  • Someone retired from real estate

  • Someone who relocated to a new state but wants to maintain their Florida real estate license

  • Deployed military personnel

  • Stay-at-home parents

How do I join Watson Referral Realty, Inc. as an associate?

It's so easy. You can join by clicking here or in the navigation menu at the top of the page. There, you’ll have access to the paperwork needed to sign up. Simply follow the instructions in the packet and submit your information. If you have any questions, you can contact the Watson Referral Realty, Inc. Broker at 904-726-0501 or fill out our contact form.

How do I place a referral?

You’ll contact the customer, gather as much pertinent information as possible about them and their buying or selling needs, and get permission to refer them. Important information to obtain includes their name, phone number(s), physical address, email address, area of interest, type of home (single family home, condo, townhouse?), price range, and any other information necessary to place the referral with a real estate broker. The more information you can obtain, the easier it will be to meet the customer’s expectations. To place your referral, call Watson Referral Realty, Inc. at 904-726-0501, 1-800-444-5724, or submit your referral though the website.

How do I get paid?

When a real estate transaction closes, the destination company will pay Watson Referral Realty, Inc. a referral fee from their gross commission. Watson Referral Realty, Inc. will receive that referral fee via postal mail within 10 business days of closing. The referral check is processed and sent to you the same business day it is received.

Watson Referral Realty compensates using a tiered commission plan. Below is an example of how the calculation works when a referral is placed at 30%. For additional explanation, you can review the Watson Realty Referral, Inc. Policy and Procedure Manual.


Can I have a full-time job in a different profession?

Of course! Watson Referral Realty, Inc. was created for people just like you who have chosen not to pursue real estate as a full-time career, who are changing their occupation, or are retiring from full-time work as a real estate agent. As a referral associate, you can still generate referrals through personal and business networking channels even with a different full-time job.

Can I place international referrals?

Yes! Watson Referral Realty, Inc. has relationships with brokerages both inside the US and internationally. We can assist your customer in finding an agent almost anywhere in the world.

Can I list a property?

As a referral associate, you are ineligible to list or sell any property, participate in negotiations, or execute any real estate documents. You can refer your customer to an active REALTOR® who will, in turn, provide a referral fee for the introduction.

What is the total start-up cost?

There are no local or national board memberships to join or dues to be paid. All it costs you to get started is a $65 annual fee.

What if I refer a customer to a builder of new construction?

If you make the introduction to a builder, let the builder know you'd like a 30% referral fee for the introduction. Then call Watson Referral Realty, Inc. to generate and execute a referral agreement with the builder.

Do I have to join the local real estate board and/or MLS

No! As a referral associate you will not be required to join the local, state, or national Board of Realtors, nor will you be an MLS member.

Is continuing education required?

Referral associates are required to maintain their Florida Real Estate License at their own expense. Therefore, FREC’s continuing education requirements must be met. Find out more information about our continuing education offerings here.

Can I place a referral with a REALTOR® I know?

Yes! As long as the individual is an active REALTOR®, Watson Referral Realty, Inc. will place the referral with that individual, then generate and execute all the paperwork. However, if the referral associate does not direct the referral to a specific full-time sales associate, Watson Referral Realty, Inc. will select a reputable real estate broker in the service area. 

Do I need error and omissions insurance?

No! E&O insurance is not a requirement for referral associates.

What happens if I move out of state?

There is no requirement for referral associates to live in the state of Florida. As long as you complete the continuing education required to keep your real estate license in active status, you can live anywhere you wish.

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